Saturday, October 6, 2007

New emerging church venture in St John's Cathedral Denver

One of the great privileges of the tour Aaron and I completed in June 07, was to hear the passions of people starting up new things in a variety of different settings.

One of these, was St John's Episcopal Cathedral in Denver, and their vision for setting up an alternative service and community.

Cathedrals are uniquely placed to provide opportunities for emerging church type projects where they are aimed at those who are spiritually searching, and I was greatly encouraged to hear about the wilderness creative service at St John's. I like this play on words, very ancient future, as the cathedral was called St John's of the Wilderness because the nearest Episcopal Church at one time, was 700 miles away in Kansas. The concept of wilderness connects with our postmodern situation of complexity, and our very disorientating and fast culture. Wilderness for me connects with the Desert Mothers and Fathers, particularly the Capadocean Mothers and Fathers, the beginning of the Orthodox church, and the form of church that inspired the celtic church... and therefore in a distant form, the inheritance of the later formed Anglican Church in Britain.

I really like the mix of service and going to the pub after for discussion. So if you are looking for an alternative form of church - this looks great - for more info - check out info on their web pages here

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