Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Monasticism UK Conference 3rd May 2008

The Place of New Monasticism & The Emerging Church
I met up with Stuart Murray Williams yesterday, who is part of Urban Expressions , emerging type church projects coming from a more Anabaptist perspective. We talked about new monasticism, and Moot's developments concerning its rhythm of life. Many know that I am very pro new monasticism as it promotes a model of church that seeks a fraternity as authentically being church in an age of renewed spiritual interest in spirituality rather than religion.

Well I am really pleased to say that the Northumbria Community, Urban Expressions and the Anabaptist Network are co-sponsoring a day conference on the 3rd May 2008. I know that are UK sister groups MayBe and hOME in Oxford are also attending, so it shall be very good. I strongly commend this conference. Click here for further info and booking form.

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