Saturday, December 22, 2007

Salvation through into the Wild

Not sure why especially this year, but I found the whole run up to Christmas to be extremely unspiritual, with the ridiculous consumption and passionless Christian Church services, and what seems the enormous stress and depression of many of my friends. In the last week I have felt more alone and disconnected from those I have loved, than I have for a long time. At the start of today I felt over-whelmed, in pain, and a tad lost.

Well, my own salvation happened when I went to see the film tonight with mates, 'into the wild'. I have so gained from seeing it, to touch the things that matter. It is an extremely good film, and most of it resonated with a lot of my own life, other than the absence of God other than that expressed by an old bloke who talked of God as Love who lived in a communion in the desert. It has a very sad end, one that reminds me with gratitude for God's presence and expression of love to me at times of my own liminality and pain. No, this film has reminded me gratefully of how rich my life has been, where grace and the love of God has drawn me to become more human, I laughed and cried in the film. So this Christmas time, I seek to recommit to questing in life to be who I am and to seek God in all that I experience, so that stuff, things, possessions and the rest do not get in the way of my walk with God.

I am left feeling sad, that for so many, the Christian faith is so distorted so that some never know or hear that it is about Love and acceptance, and a God who comes as a helpless baby to seek the salvation of everything.

It has reminded me how sick I feel at the decadence and lack of humanity I feel at this time of year. Why is it we do less Christian things at this time? Yes family are important, but why is it we separate rather than celebrate? I don't really know.


emmaus said...

Merry Christmas and Gob bless you as you seek Him in the midst of all He has provided.

Ian said...

Hmmmm. I think it is that form of contriteness that I write about.

Markla said...

Hey The Mobster!
Yeah, I saw that film last week and found it really provoking - I am still thinking about it from time to time.

Seasons greetings to you over there on the bottom of the world - up here it's summer, hot, sunny, I went to the beach yesterday, the days are long, I have 4 weeks summer holiday, it's nice to have the year over...