Friday, February 29, 2008

The Becoming of G-d: What the Trinitarian nature of God has to do with Church and a deep Spirituality for the Twenty First Century

Sorry that I have somewhat neglecting this blog this month. This is because I have been working like a dog on my next book - the Becoming of G-d. In this book I have taken the concepts of my first book on the practice of emerging and fresh expressions of Church, and explored them in more detail and in wider application. I explore how a deeper understanding of the Trinity birthed through the early Cappadocian Church writers helps us reimagine the nature of God through a more apophatic reading. Further, I explore how the Church is called to reflect this nature of God in its form and function. In this way the Western Church is freed from its limited understanding of the Trinity, (the unfortunate achilles heel of St Augustine's interpretation) releasing the Church to be more pioneering, fresh and engaging through a better understanding of the Trinity, and in particular, the person of the Holy Spirit.

As G-d becomes as a continuing event through human history this God reframes who we are and what Church is called to be. We are all on a journey of 'individual human-becoming' and the Church as a 'transformative event of God's love and action'. In this way we have rediscovered an ancient:future expression of the Christian faith and church in an Age of New Mysticism.

The book also includes images, poems, stories and reflections by contributors from the Emerging Church in the UK, Ireland and the USA. The book is to be published by YTC Press in Cambridge, and all proceeds go towards the work of Moot. I will be promoting the book on a tour of the US and Canada in June that looks to be including:

- New York
- Buffalo
- Denver
- Chicago
- San Francisco
- Seattle
- Vancouver

The book will be available for order soon in the US & UK through YTC Press.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ian Mobsby Speaking Tour June 2008 in the USA & Canada

I am looking for speaking engagements for June 2008. If you are interested, then please let me know.... Click image to be able to read it...

To express an interest in the speaking tour, or want the info above to be send to you, please email:

Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church & Art-as-mission

Much has been written concerning the return and power of the image and film in postmodernity. We are now very much a visual culture, which creates real opportunities for engagement through a metaphorical approach. It is in this ancient:refreshed approach, that the Emerging Church seeks to enable spiritual encounter through the imagination. This is nothing new. The prophets used the arts and music to enable people to imagine another way of being through an artistic approach. It is in this playful way that the Emerging Church mixes up the secular and spiritual - through arts events on a theme of the spiritual.

Moot's "Beyond the Wilderness - a Lenten Journey" is an expression of this. Michael L Radcliffe and Tim Dendy lead a number of contemporary artists who are involved in the emerging church, to create an art exhibition as a form of spiritual journey. Moot have taken over a swanky new gallery in Victoria called "the SW1 Gallery" as an arts-as-mission event. This approach uses an apophatic approach to mission, an open-ended pursuit that does not seek to fill people with facts, but rather enable people to encounter God through spiritual experience. This has an obvious pneumatological approach - creating an environment for encounter trusting that people will encounter God, as we attempt to catch up with what God is already doing. Given the Trinitarian/communal approach of Anglican Emerging Church Groups, this approach to contextual mission is common to those who are Anglimergent.

To experience this click on the film:

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

How are emergent church viewed in the Anglican Community?

In this challenging times for Archbishop Rowan, I wanted to post this clip of his interview about Emerging/Fresh Expressions

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Boston - New Monasticism Denver - New Alt Worship Community

I was forwarded this link from a friend, if you are interested in New Monasticism, check this out here

In the tour I did last year, I was pleased to work with members of Denver's Episcopal Cathedral, who were exploring a new alt worship inspired service and congregation, to include a discussion group I think at a local bar. Well I am really pleased they have got it together, and are hosting the 'Wilderness' alt eucharist service in the Cathedral. For more info click here

Boston New Monasticism

I was forwarded this link from a friend, if you are interested in New Monasticism, check this out here