Monday, February 18, 2008

Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church & Art-as-mission

Much has been written concerning the return and power of the image and film in postmodernity. We are now very much a visual culture, which creates real opportunities for engagement through a metaphorical approach. It is in this ancient:refreshed approach, that the Emerging Church seeks to enable spiritual encounter through the imagination. This is nothing new. The prophets used the arts and music to enable people to imagine another way of being through an artistic approach. It is in this playful way that the Emerging Church mixes up the secular and spiritual - through arts events on a theme of the spiritual.

Moot's "Beyond the Wilderness - a Lenten Journey" is an expression of this. Michael L Radcliffe and Tim Dendy lead a number of contemporary artists who are involved in the emerging church, to create an art exhibition as a form of spiritual journey. Moot have taken over a swanky new gallery in Victoria called "the SW1 Gallery" as an arts-as-mission event. This approach uses an apophatic approach to mission, an open-ended pursuit that does not seek to fill people with facts, but rather enable people to encounter God through spiritual experience. This has an obvious pneumatological approach - creating an environment for encounter trusting that people will encounter God, as we attempt to catch up with what God is already doing. Given the Trinitarian/communal approach of Anglican Emerging Church Groups, this approach to contextual mission is common to those who are Anglimergent.

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Paul said...

Whether arts, culture, meditation, appreciation of nature... I would think that trying to bring people to first hand religious experience and not simply repetition of requisite doctrine would do a lot to make the experience of faith real and authentic - and a force at work in the individual's life and world.

It's all too possible to talk the talk without walking the walk.