Monday, February 18, 2008

Ian Mobsby Speaking Tour June 2008 in the USA & Canada

I am looking for speaking engagements for June 2008. If you are interested, then please let me know.... Click image to be able to read it...

To express an interest in the speaking tour, or want the info above to be send to you, please email:

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Scousephil said...

Hi Ian

By way of introduction, my name is Phil Green and I am a new poster to the Moot blogging world!

I am really sorry to build up your hopes or raise your expectations but I am not from the USA inviting you to speak at a Conference, I am actually a Reader from Liverpool where you were meant to be facilitating a discussion on Saturday surrounding issues re emerging and existing church.

According to the Diocesan Lifelong Learning Department only a handful of people had booked on and I was responsible for booking five of those places. Please can I apologise on behalf of the people in Liverpool Diocese because I thought this was a must-attend event - I would almost say a three-line whip approach was called for -and I was sooooo looking forward to it!!

On a more encouraging note, I am one of five people from our church, (St John and St James Orrell Hey, an evangelical UPA church located in a tough area of Bootle, approximately four miles north of Liverpool City Centre)who are currently taking part in the one year Mission Shaped Ministry Course being facilitated by the Diocesan Church Growth and Ecumenism team. I have been a Reader for 14 years and this is by far and away the best course I have been on since I was licensed. It is also very interesting because two years ago we appointed an ordained Pioneer Minister, Frances Shoesmith (part time house for duty priest)to work across four churches in the Bootle and Netherton Group of churches (part of the Bootle Deanery). Frances and her husband Steve are proving inspirational to several of us as we seek to pursue FE work. We have three separate midweek FEs which are at different stages on the Fresh Expression journey, all very different but all places where God is definitely at work. We have also recently seen one of our own "home grown" leaders ordained as an OLM. The service took place in the Hall of the local High School because our Community Hall was not big enough! As if this wasn't enough our Senior Vicar somehow manages to double up as the Archdeacon of Liverpool and has a foot in both the existing and emerging camps - as you can guress some of our conversations/team meetings can be quite sparky, but he is a great guy and we love the bones of him - and we get quite concerned when he gets stressed out trying to balance doing two stressful jobs at the same time - don't ask why...it is too long a story - typical C of E - great in theory, alomst unworkable in practice!!

Sorry to go on for so long, but I'll close by saying that the Lifelong Learning Team informed me they are hoping to reschedule Saturday's event - hopefully for later this year. If you fancy making a weekend of it, and to sample something of the European Capital of Culture 2008 just let me know - I'd be more than happy to give you some tips and help you have a mooch.. or should it be Moot (oops sorry...awful pun) around.

Keep up the absolutely fantastic work you are doing, both through Moot and your own cutting-edge ministry....you are a godsend, literally, both to the church and especially to those outside of it who are unable to connect with it.

Very best regards


PS If you want to find a bit more about us, our website link is www.stjohnandstjames.org