Thursday, May 15, 2008

Updated | Ian Mobsby Book Tour 2008 | USA & Canada

Pleased to say that this is finally coming together. Details will be updated as soon as information is finalised. For details on the book, which is the basis of this new new tour click here
New York
2nd June | Book Launch & Emerging Church NYC Gathering | 4.30pm to 7pm

This event will include a short address about the book in an interview format, with books available for purchase. The evening will include a new CD by Isaac Everett promoting the work of his band.
Place: The Episcopal Book Store, 815 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Time: 4.30pm to 7pm
Booking: no booking required

Greenwich, New York State
3rd June | The place of Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church | Trinity Church | tbc

An evening address to the leadership of Trinity Church, Greenwich
Place: Trinity Church, 15 Sherwood Place, Greenwich CT 06830
Time: To be confirm
Booking: Not required, see website here

Greenwich, New York State
4th June | Private retreat with the staff of Trinity Church

Private retreat exploring the implications of a Trinitarian ecclesiology on mission and community

4th June | Evening Discussion with Transmission | Venue to be confirmed, New York City

details to be confirmed

Montreal, Canada
5th June, | evening meeting with leaders of emerging churches here over a beer at "Les 3 Brasseurs"

This event will be an informal gathering of those interested in meeting up over some beers.
Place: Les 3 Brasseurs
Time: To be confirmed
Details: Please contact Nick Brotherwood email here, for more details see the website here

6th June , 10am-3pm | The Becoming of God - Lessons from the Emerging Church | Atelier Loblaws

This event is being organised through the Canadian Anglican Church Diocese of Montreal for clergy to explore the concept of Emerging and Fresh Expressions of Church as experienced through the Church of England.
Place: Atelier Loblaws Cavendish, 6600 St. Jacques West, Montreal
Time: 10am-3pm
Booking: Apply as specificed in downloadable flyer click here
Information: Email Here

7th June | Emerging Church Event | walk & picnic with emerging church leaders

Place: meet Metro Place d'Armes, St. Urbain Street exit, for a 'historic walk' in Old Montreal followed by informal picnic lunch with members of Montreal emerging churches
Time: 11am
Booking: Contact Nick Brotherwood by email here or see website here

7th June | Emerging Church Event | What do have to learn from the Cappodocian Fathers?

Evening presentation & discussion exploring the implications of the Cappodocians on being a missionary community in the twenty first century
Place: Canadian Centre for Ecumenism, 1819 René Lévesque west, corner of St. Mathieu
Timing: 7pm to 9pm
Booking: Contact Nick Brotherwood by email here or see website here

Jamestown, New York State, USA
Sun 8th June | The Emerging Church & Trinitarianism in an Age of New Mysticism| Jamestown

To see a flyer for the event, please click here
YWCA Lake Lodge - 187 E. Terrace Ave Lakewood NY 14750
Time: 6.30 for 7pm
More info: Contact Tara here or 716-969-3950

Mon 9th June | Breakfast and discussion with Ian Mobsby on the place of the Emerging Church in a postmodern culture | Jamestown

To see a flyer for the event, please click here
Place: YWCA Lake Lodge 0 187 E. Terrace Ave Lakewood NY 14750
Time: 9/10am
More Info: please contact Tara by email here or 716-969-3950

Chicago, USA
11th June | Contemplating the implications of the Trinity from an Emerging Church Perspective | St Barnabas Church

Place: St Barnabas Episcopal Church, 22W415 Butterfield Rd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Booking & Info: Matt Gunton, 630-469-1394
Cost: Free

12th June | Emerging & Anglican in an Age of Mysticism | St James Episcopal Cathedral Sanctuary | 10am to 2pm

Workshop facilitated by Ian Mobsby and Isaac Everett for all to learn about the emerging church
Place: St James Episcopal Cathedral Sanctuary
Time: 10am to 2pm to include lunch
Cost: $15 inclusive of lunch
Booking: to book places or for more info email here

12th June | Alternative Worship Service entitled "Divine Trinitarian Encounters" | St James Episcopal Cathedral Sanctuary | 5.30pm refreshments 6-7pm event

An Evening of Alternative worship reflecting a multisensory approach to worship
Place: St James Episcopal Cathedral Sanctuary
Time: Refreshments 5.30pm, 6-7pm
Booking: to book places or for more info email here

Denver Colorado

14th June | Exploring New Monasticism in the context of the Emerging Church

Place: St. Paul Lutheran Church in downtown Denver 1600 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203
Time: 2pm-4pm
Booking: book places by contacting Nadia Bolz-Weber, sarcasticlutheran@gmail.com, 720.301.9409
Cost: Donation to the event is an expected. For more information on the host community see website here

15th June | St Johns Episcopal Cathedral | Preaching in 10am Eucharist

Place: St Johns Episcopal Cathedral
Time: 10am
Booking: Not required

15th June | The Becoming of G-d & Emergence | St Johns Episcopal Cathedral | 4.30pm

This will be a forum to explore the theology in my latest book and it application to Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church.
Place: St Johns Episcopal Cathedral
Time: 4.30pm
Booking: Tbc

15th June | St Johns Episcopal Cathedral | Wilderness Service | 6pm

This is an alternative Eucharist run in the evening, see the website here. I will speaking in this service.
Place: The Wilderness Service, St Johns Cathedral
Time: 6pm
Booking: Not required

San Francisco
21st June |Developing Fresh & Experimental forms of church and mission for the 21st Century, Episcopal Diocese of California | All Day

This training follows on the work I did last year with the Diocese, to see information flyer, click here
Place: Grace Cathedral basement

Time: 9.30am to 3.15pm
Booking: register by email here

22nd June | Grace Episcopal Cathedral | Preaching | Sunday at 6pm Service

Grace Cathedral have graciously offered me the opportunity to speak in their usual 6pm service
Place: Grace Cathedral

Time: 6pm
Booking: NA

23rd June | New-Monasticism as a new/old way of being Christian in a postmodern culture, Episcopal Diocese of California | Afternoon

This training follows on the work I did last year with the Diocese, to see information flyer, click here
Place: Grace Cathedral basement
Time: 1pm-4.30pm
Booking: reserve places by email by clicking here

23rd June | The Place of the Arts in new forms of church and mission, Episcopal Diocese of California | Evening

This training follows on the work I did last year with the Diocese, to see information flyer, click here
Place: Grace Cathedral Basement
Time: 6-9.15pm
Booking: reserve places by email by clicking here

Vancouver, Canada
28th June | Presentation | Being an Emergent & Missional Community in the twenty first century. Inspiration from Trinitarian theology | 9am to 4pm

The day will explore the place of the emerging church as a form of missional community drawing on a Trinitarian ecclesiology. The day will explore how such an ecclesiology will enable contextual mission with a vision of unity in diversity, a foundational belief of Anglicanism.
Place: St Martin’s North Vancouver, 195 East Windsor Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7N 1V2
Time: 9.00am coffee, 9.30 start – 12.30 lunch – 1.00-3.30, closing prayer and away by 4
Booking: St Martin’s Church, (604) 985-5919 email here
Cost: $20
Details: See website for venue and map here

1st July | Clergy training day for the Diocese of Olympia | 10am-3pm | Apostles Church, Fremont

Topic: Anglimergence -why Anglicanism (when freed from traditionalism) is so well suited to speak to the spiritual hungers of postmodern seekers.
Place: Apostles Church, Fremont

Time: 10am to 3pm.
Booking: Contact Karen Ward here by email

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Becoming of G-d: What the Trinitarian nature of God has to do with Church and a deep Spirituality for the Twenty First Century

I am pleased to say, that at last, the book is available for purchase at £10 through YTC Press. This, my second book, seeks to explore the theology behind groups like Moot, Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church. It looks at the whole issue of knowing G-d through experience, and that the concept of the Trinity, formulated through the Cappadocian Mothers & Fathers, is a best guess understanding of the nature of God, which though partially revealed in Christ, remains mystically out of reach. However, the Western church, through the differences of latin and greek texts, never fully understood the concept of the Trinity, which has distorted its theology and practice.

I explore the importance of this understanding of God in the context of our postmodern culture driven under the logic of consumption and information technology, which drives a new form of cultural mysticism. In this brave new world, the importance of church reflecting the Trinitarian nature of God as 'mystical communion or community' becomes an imperative. Finally, I explore the difficult challenge of building community in a culture which is loosing its interpersonal skills to the cult of the individual.

So it should be a good read!!

To Order A Copy
To order the book directly, click here, to printout more info, click here

To Order from a Bookshop
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, you can order the book directly, click here.
To printout more info for bookshops click here

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fresh Expressions of Church as Post Modern Friars

Last week, I spoke at a New Monasticism conference organised by the Anabaptist network and the Northumbria Community. I was invited to dialogue with the Provincial Brother, who heads up the Anglican Franciscan Order in England. It was a real privilege. This week, I was invited to speak at the Rochester Diocese Gathering about how Rhythms of life contribute to reimagining Church as spiritual community. Both events have got me thinking...

Much of the Fresh Expressions movement I identify with, comes from the more radical Emerging Church end, out of the Alternative worship end. However, I have been repeatedly struck, that much of what I see and hear about the more innovative Fresh Expressions, is that they resonate a lot with the premodern Friars.

Friars, literally means 'brothers' coming out of the French, to emphasis a calling to serve a particular community. They were send out in groups to serve, and build new forms of indigenous church through loving care, hospitality, teaching and worship. Historically there were 4 great movements of these Friars. The Black Friars, the Dominicans, were Friar preachers who were into dialogue, evangelism and hospitality. The White Friars, the Carmelites, promoted forms of contemplative spirituality and hospitality. The Grey Friars - the Franciscans, offered radical love and pastoral care, emphasising social and ecological justice, and finally the Austin Friars, the Augustinians, who encouraged spiritual journeying and pilgrimage.

Now these great premodern Friars were engaging in a pre-word culture based on mysticism, who enabled the faith to grow by how they lived, by orthopraxis. People were encouraged to go deeper into the faith, by adopting or taking on a rhythm of life or rule, not to dissimilar to the commitment some make to being a Christian as an adult. People were encouraged to go deeper in their faith, through a pattern of spirituality, in how they lived.

Now many of the new Fresh Expression initiatives at the radical end of Fresh Expressions, again turn to use a rhythm of life in a post word culture, which again is being driven by the logic of new forms of mysticism driven by consumerism and information technology. These postmodern friars seek to love and evangelise through radical hospitality and through dialogue, and through orthopraxis.

When you think about it - the Anglican Ordinal which is used when thinking about Fresh Expressions of Church - states - to proclaim afresh the gospel for every generation. Well this is very apostolic, and relates to the vision of a number of Friar rhythms of life. Further, the Bishops new mission orders - sound very like Friars being sent out as communities made up of ordained and lay people. It is for me too much of a coincidence.

Emerging and Fresh Expressions of Church came about because of a new mission imperative as culture changes from modernity to postmodernity. Social change 0f this form is not new for the church. In fact, you can look at the Benedictines and Franciscans and see that they were radical new fresh expressions of church in their time, but where they maintained obedience and accountability to the wider church. In the same way, Emerging & Fresh Expressions Postmodern Friars or New-Monastic movements are seeking to be radical but accountable to to the church.

These are exciting times, ones with an Ancient:Future perspective.