Monday, June 30, 2008

End of the Becoming of G-d Tour June-08

Now that the tour is coming to an end, finishing in Seattle tomorrow with the Diocese of Washington, I am now beginning to reflect on what I have been learning. Friends will be amused to know, that the dialogue coming out of this tour have helped me frame a proposal for a new book, drawing on the whole area of mission to our culture of new mysticism and the emergence of a form of lay new-monasticism. I have submitted a proposal to a US based publisher, so we will see what they say.

I have learnt a great deal this tour, and it has been interesting to explore the findings of the becoming of G-d book alongside Barry Taylor's book Entertainment Theology. I will start to blog about some of the things that have begun to emerge out of this synthesis once I have returned and collapsed for a bit. It is certainly the last time I do this completely on my own....

Thanks to all for supporting this tour. Books are still available through US & CANADIAN Bookstores, please see link on the top left of this blog.

So what is coming up next?

Aug-08 - Speaking at Greenbelt Festival. Details to follow soon.
Oct-08 - Speaking in Oxford on the Becoming of G-d. Details to follow
Nov-08 - Speaking in the US, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA. Details to follow

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