Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greenbelt Festival 2008

I will be contributing a seminar, and helping the Moot Community do two alternative worship services

What kind of Church is Emerging? Panel discussion from Emerging Church practitioners
Place: Shine Stage
Time: Fri 22nd Aug 7.15pm

Exploring the implications of the Capadocian Mothers & Fathers
Place: Evening Seminar Programme, Children's Festival Stage
Time: Sat 23rd Aug 6.15pm

Moot Service: Perpetual Dawn?
Dawn follows night follows dawn. In this contemplative and visceral service, Moot explores the (im)possibility of the second chance, the fresh start, with the Christian God.
Place: New Forms Venue
Time: Sat 23rd Aug 9pm

Moot Service: Trinity Twister
This active, family-friendly Communion service will be an opportunity to re-imagine our relationship to God and others in the light of the love and intimacy modelled within the Trinity.
Place: New Forms Venue
Time: Sun 24th Aug 10am